Fresh Direct

He knows exactly what you want to hear before even you do.

Still, DJ Fresh Direct is liable to pull a few surprises with songs that are likely to become your next favorites. His sets blend a range of genres without effort, setting the vibe in premier nightclubs nationwide, including a few New York hot spots where he’s served as artist-in-residence: Marquee, TAO and Avenue. Fresh Direct is no stranger to corporate events or a tour with headline talent. Truly, he’s an expert in reading and playing to any kind of crowd. That impressive versatility is matched only by the energy he channels through his sets.

Lengthy DJ résumé aside, Fresh Direct reaches far beyond the turntables. He splits his time, spending hours at his NYC studio, Off Record Music, and working with various artists as a touring pro. His multi-faceted music career and years of experience taking new tracks from creation to crowd give him a unique advantage as a DJ, because he understands what makes every hit special, knows what makes a crowd react -- and he earns every minute of his time in the room.