Anthony Desiderio, a 25 year-old Italian citizen, moved to the United States aged 14, living in Atlanta before migrating to New York in early 2011. He began to develop a passion for music, and more specifically sound, at the age of 12 and first tried his hand at a few musical instruments, including the piano, drums and guitar. But he soon realized nothing came close to expressing his music like the turntables. Thanks to his ability to create unique sound, Deso has had the opportunity to work with some of the most recognizable faces in the business including Flo Rida, Benny Benassi, Victor Calderone, Clinton Sparks, Pitbull, Ying Yang Twins, DJ Khaled, Shop Boyz, Killer Mike and corporations such as Nike, Facebook, American Express, Red Cross and Pioneer. Deso sees DJ AM and A Trak as his biggest influencers. Understanding the industry’s ADD-like nature, Deso doesn’t limit himself to one style. This producer and performer speaks to the audience through hip-hop, rock, top40, electro-house, and R&B. This makes him stand out in a cluster of mainstream DJs and producers in the US.